The fall-out continues

Its an interesting and slightly nervous time in the Open Source community as I start to write this blog. All the major players are waiting to see what Microsoft’s next move is whilst the mud-slinging continues in a general Novell-oriented direction. Which they duly pick up and throw back. I find it fascinating that they thought this would do them any good as essentially they have admitted that software patents could carry some weight and they would prefer to cover their own backs and sod everyone else.

Ballmer now has his FUD puppy to order about and he appears to be making full use of it, flexing his muscles and inviting Red Hat to join the patent party. One headline read “Fox marries chicken, moves into henhouse” and this appears to sum the general feeling of most up, myself included. Novell has done some wonderful things over the past few years – why did they have to go and ruin the party just as it was getting big?


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