100’000 blogs a day…

That’s how many start each day according to Auntie. In other news I have added licensing to my blog as want to make sure things are done correctly from the beginning. I’m using wordpress as my blogging software as its default layout has always impressed me and the admin side of things is a piece of cake. As so often happens, some kind souls in the open source community have developed a plugin that guides you through the process of licensing content. You can even include an image of the license in the footer. I believe that Creative Commons can do for authored content on the web what the GPL has done for software development at the turn of the millenium.

Oh yeah, Vista got the go ahead today and with it my days as a Microsoft beta tester are over. According to the article “Vista boasts improved graphics, more effective tools for finding documents, pictures and other items on personal computers, and a new Internet browser, among other changes.” Oops, silly me carelessy linking into tools which I’ve enjoyed for over a year free of charge and more importantly free of legal encumbrances. Given that eye candy wont sell business desktops, what persuasion is there to purchase the upgrade?


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