The flames leapt higher and higher…

So the firewood for the soon-to-be-installed wood burner has arrived. Arrived home from work to find the street blocked by a flatbed with a mechanical arm and an ex-Eton type called James scanning the house for signs of life. Thankfully brother and new temporary lodger were on hand to throw it temporarily into the front garden. I then head off to Halifax to pick up some monitors kindly donated by Martin, another Freecycler whilst I left said brother and lodger to move logs to newly constructed wood store in the cellar. On my return and descent into the cellar I was greeted with the site which I at first mistook to be a portal into a strange arboreal world, albeit a rather dead looking one. I gently remonstrated with the perpetrators and then proceeded to teach a masterclass in log-stacking, the results of which can be seen below. Huzzah!

Burn baby burn

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