Alas, alack and one for the craic

Wow, two weeks without a post. Let’s see, a weekend spent with the soon-to-be Firth’s at Torquay, much of which was spent in bed with an awful stomach bug not helped by countless jars of cider celebrating the upcoming nuptials. Still, great to see them both looking on top form and looking forward to the wedding. The week prior had been taken up with setting up Cornwall’s first ski slope in the centre of Truro where I learnt that said town has much to offer the single man in terms of visual distractions of the female variety.
The fireplace is now in and the plaster is taking its fair time to dry. So de-humidifier has been re-located to the sitting room to aid the process.

Mikey and the new log burner

Last weekend involved no travelling however as I was now driving on two punctured tyres I decided to replace the whole set. Rock ‘n’ roll. Saturday night was spent with Shaun who is at any one time friend, teacher, boss, flatmate and drinking partner. In this case it was the latter and we worked our way steadily across the pumps of the Rat and Ratchet whereupon I promptly left him at 10pm to find Ed my old flatmate from University. Ed’s best mate Peter died a few months back on a stag night in Leeds. Ed was the last person to see him alive – his body turned up a few weeks later in one of the canals. He was running from an altercation and fell in. Having swum around in Lake Windermere as a foolhardy youth with a few draughts of dutch courage swimming inside me I understand how difficult it is. I hadn’t seen Ed since however I had hosted the remembrance website he wrote and we had stayed in contact since University. He was looking the happiest I have seen him and I told him so. At least I think I did. I walked home not long after 12 and arrived home a little damp after having been gently pissed on the whole way home as Yorkshire weather is wont to do.


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