Its not big and its not clever

My mobile phone contract has expired and so my faithful little black friend of the past three years which has survived journeys through Africa, Spain (twice), Germany, Holland and to a World Cup along with being dropped a number of times must have decided it was time for a vacation. I was out with the members of the West Yorkshire Linux User Group for their Christmas bash along with Jono and Aq from LUGRadio and it joined the ranks of the disappeared. Other users of the M621 out of Leeds at 12am this morning may have seen the driver of a small green car shouting indiscriminately at Anyone Who Got In His Way.

Still, I get to keep the same number but have lost contacts, music and most importantly, a picture of Clifton wearing a skirt as well as a video of a stone duck being decapitated. So I’m taking it out on anyone and everyone and almost enjoying wallowing in my own misery.


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