Where I end and you begin…

Its been quite a Christmas break. The day itself was spent playing Resident Evil 4 which was great fun. The cocktails were bloody marys in the morning and snowballs in the afternoon. The latter went down a treat.

So to the wedding. Clifton and Sarah were nervous as hell leading up to it but for all the right reasons and none of the wrong. The registrars were late causing a last minute panic however once the £3.50 had been handed over for the license we were good to go and everything went off without a hitch afterwards. Thankfully my best man’s speech was well received and I will publish it here when I get a moment. It was a great night and one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Again, probably a bit too much alcohol but its rare that I let myself go.

New Year’s was more of the same and the first few minutes of the 2007 saw me and the Chief Usher from C&S’s wedding shouting insults at fireworks being launched down the road. The extended family of both sides are an eclectic mix and I enjoyed their company very much. Torquay is a lovely spot and if you are ever in the area I cannot recommend the Acorn Lodge Hotel strongly enough! Happy New Year!

Clifton and Sarah


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