The teenage queen, the loaded gun…

For those that may not have noticed I pick some of the titles for these posts from songs that I’m enjoying at the moment. The current one is a Killer’s track off their latest album, Sam’s Town. It’s pretty clear its the stand out track (it is allegedly the band’s favourite) and although its in my opinion a weaker offering than the original, at least they had the guts to try something different and I respect that.

Last night was WYLUG and the presentation was on Asterisk, a PBX open source telephone system. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a telephone network at home for a while now but found the terminology the hardest part to understand. It’s here where the WYLUG talks come into themselves. The speaker worked for a local VOIP provider and spoke intelligently yet simply. Essentially, I discovered that the only piece of kit needed (on top of a standard computer) is an ethernet to RJ11 adapter. Okay it does a lot more and even this isn’t needed if you wanted to use a software-based phone but nevertheless I have ordered one on ebay and asterisk is already installed and running on the server at home. Said server already runs MythTV and Gnump3d so I’m certainly getting my investment back! More on this to follow no doubt.


4 thoughts on “The teenage queen, the loaded gun…

  1. why not rewire a standard cat5 cable with rj11 to rj45. Rj45 only use 4 wires for data and rj11 uses 2 for normal phone wiring. You could use normal phone wire.

  2. Hello poster,

    As it is Voice over IP, there is a conversion process that needs to take place to convert the analog signals to TCP/IP packets. Each phone connected to adaption process needs to have assigned an IP address so that the PABX (in this case my Linux server running mythtv) can re-direct the IP packets to the relevant telephone.

    Mix master Geek

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