Ten green bottles, sitting on the wall…

My next task as web developer this week was a couple of hours work setting up the BHCLUG website. Once again the template was copied from Open Source Web Design which is great for free templates to get a basic website started. I originally attempted to get another Joomla installation working however the hosting for LUG websites is either inexplicably complicated or downright shoddy. The apache user isn’t the same owner as the ftp user so it didn’t have write permissions to the directories Joomla uses. I imagine this is probably by design as the whole LUG network appears to be sitting on a Xen guest somewhere, all 40-odd of them. I could have chmodded the directories 777 however that would be begging for trouble and the ssh welcome notice indicates that any world-writeable directories are instantly trashed anyway. I was tempted for a moment to apply for DNS re-direction instead and host it myself but that, of course, would require commitment. So it just aint gonna happen.


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