Do they still meet there by the cut?

Ah, so it’s another case of green on green in the open source community. The more I read of Mr. Shuttleworth’s views, the more disconcerted I become. Whilst its delightful to think that all software should be free to absolutely everyone who chooses to run it, there comes a point where SME’s need support that they can rely on and this is where Red Hat and numerous other vendors come in. I have always viewed software as a service rather than a commodity product and as such it is one that should be paid for like any other. This can be done in house or contracted out. SABDFL’s comments regarding Red Hat are wholly unfair, especially when you consider how successful they have been in their business model and how much they contribute back to the community. On the other hand, Canonical produce a Ubuntu, a wonderfully easy to use and polished O.S. but one that is nevertheless a re-badged version of Debian Unstable loaded with proprietary drivers that promote instability. I’m a big fan of distro competition and Ubuntu has certainly encouraged this. I hate it when cat-fighting means we’re not attacking the common enemy and closing the now famous Bug 1. If Mark really has that much of a problem with Red Hat, perhaps he should remove all the projects they contribute to. Come on, as fellow Fedorite Greg DeKoenigsberg said “You’re better than that, aren’t you?”


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