Tinker(no), Tailor(no), Soldier(no way), hmmmm

Yes, I went sailing at the weekend. I booked the start sailing course with Boss, took Friday off but did some work on the south coast before heading for the Hamble around 4pm. Spent Saturday morning feeling sicker than a freshly-condemned man but after lunch donned the sea-bands and had a great time. The Solent is protected by the Isle of Wight from severe winds however we had Force 6’s and 7’s to contend with for much of the time. I fumbled around like an eejit for most of the time but it was good to get away and feel like I’ve done something with my weekend. So I’m taking this Friday off and have booked a second weekend. One more and I get my competent crew certificate. Avast, a bilge rat! Scurvy dog I’ll make him walk the plank me hearties!


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