It takes two to tango…

So I’m back from snowboarding in Livigno with some folks from work and others. The pic is my snowboarding instructor Roby – he spends five months teaching skiing and boarding and then when the snow melts he gets on his Honda Fireblade, motors down a valley or two and organises golf tournaments. He speaks four different languages and is essentially a total legend.

So the body has taken a bit of a battering and so have a few other things after the weekend following it. I think women are born insane and slowly drive men the same over time.

In geeky news, I’m now running Fedora 7 Test One (not much to report), have upgraded WordPress to 2.1 and its now ajaxically saving my posts every couple of minutes as I type (nice) and my Sipura IP to POTS adapter has arrived so I will have a shot at setting up the VOIP asterisk box on my Mythtv computer tonight. That’s after I get some more painkillers for my cracked rib. I want to go sailing again….
Roby and I


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