You must think I’m a fool…

Ugh. It looks like kernel 2.6.20 broke something in the v4l/dvb tree and now it doesn’t seem to be creating dvb device nodes. I was tempted to hang back at 2.6.19 to keep other mythtv users happy but instead poured a Waggle Dance (warning – disgustingly flash-heavy web page) and sat down to work through the problem. Over two Fedora upgrades there has been a fair amount of hackery go on to make the system work and this time I was down to explicitly forcing the (correct) cx88-dvb driver to load from /etc/rc.modules. I added to a bug someone had already filed and will await the outcome, probably in 2.6.21 I’m guessing. Dave Jones, the Fedora kernel maintainer, recently announced that he was being joined by a second hacker, Chuck Ebbert to help with the workload. Nice. The fruits of that are already beginning to show and hopefully issues like the one above can be sorted quickly or pushed upstream.


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