You go forwards, I go backwards…

So the last post I wrote was penned about an hour before I suffered my first seizure in over four years. Farewell driving license, goodbye alcohol. The latter has to go to get the former back. Admittedly I had not been great with the medication but I’d like to know who on long term drugs really is. Needless to say I’ve been pretty blue although friends and family have of course been ace. Things perked up a little with the acceptance of Jokosher into Fedora. The process took six months but I’ve learnt a great deal – now I’ve just got to keep up with the releases although it would appear that development has somewhat slowed in recent weeks with no code checkins in over a week.

What has always concerned me about Jokosher is the relatively small user base that it may attract and what effect this will have on the amount of feedback/bug reports etc that it receives. There already appears to be a bug in the version of gstreamer currently included in Fedora that prevents recording. The list of bugs on Launchpad is pretty long…


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