England is mine and it owes me a living…

The wisps of steam rise gently from my cup of Earl Grey whilst down the road by local curry shop is preparing my lamb balti just the way I like it. Hopefully.

A few months back I found a necklace from Tiffany & Co under the carpet. So spent a few minutes researching the origins. Turns out its an Elsa Peretti teardrop heart necklace and what those in the retail trade would call “A Regular Runner”. The Tiffany’s website quotes cost at USD $135. An ebay auction from google of an identical piece finished at 25 quid. Ah well.

Lastly, as there hasn’t been a picture up on my blog in a while, here is where I do my RHCE course at Leeds Met. The one disadvantage of the course is that you cant take it outside on the good days. Which this Bank Holiday has been.Leeds Met School of … Cool


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