Adrift again 2000 man…

So I _tried_ to do the right thing. Getting dvd playback working on a colleague’s Windows XP laptop. The Cyberlink online store takes me through eight pages to register (because I have to have an account to buy a decoder, right?) and then informs me that I’ll get the activation code emailed to me in anywhere between 4 and 24 hours time. At which point said colleague will be able to watch DVDs. That’s the Windows way.

CentOS 5 came out yesterday so installed today on the works computer. Added the necessary repository, typed “yum install libdvdcss” and was watching the company DVD in about two minutes flat. Add an extra minute or two if you want to install with pretty graphical interface instead. For disclosure purposes I should mention that the HP printer we use in the office wont work. Still swings and roundabouts. Or maybe Fedora 7 is the answer. 🙂


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