I am the son and the heir…

Three days sailing on the Solent, combined with two previous outings and I now have my crewing ticket. This is the equivalent of crawling as a baby. Next stop is Day Skipper which, if we continue with the comparison, is walking. Coastal Skipper is Running, Yachtmaster is Driving and Yachtmaster Ocean is Flying. Then you have people like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who was the first person to sail solo and non-stop around the world and is basically an astronaut landing on Mars. He’s just got back from doing it again at the age of 68. Okay, he stopped off a few times but can you blame him? After that you have this blog entry which is an exercise in how to take a simile too far.

To give you an idea of how tough this actually is, fewer people have circumnavigated the globe solo than have gone into space. Which is why when Andrew Flintoff wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year over Dame Ellen MacArthur you have to consider taking the voting panel out for a quick spin in the southern ocean to make them re-consider.


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