All we ever have is now…

So I received the following letter today at work.

I have replied:

Monday, 14 May 2007

Re: Your letter dated May 2007 on the subject of envelopes

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your letter informing me of your latest offer on envelopes. I had no idea how important a role the humble envelope plays in today’s business environment until your missive made me sit back and consider it. I even did some research – do you know the clear front window on envelopes was patented by a chap called Americus Callahan over 100 years ago? You may even find this letter enclosed in one such envelope – if I can find one!

Whatever this arrives in, I strongly recommend you also take a moment out of your no-doubt hectic schedule to study the elegant simplicity of the envelope’s design and wonder if the world would be quite the same place without them. I’m sure there is some statistic about the amount of saliva that has been saved since the introduction of the self-sealing variety! Perhaps, as a leader supplier of stationery items you are at the cutting edge of envelope design and are on the brink of leading a revolution in envelope technology..! I’m getting ahead of myself perhaps.

In any event, I have brought on board your sage counsel and taken up your offer of a reduction of up to 50% on the J/5 padded version – 2 boxes no less! I look forward to their arrival – particularly as the padded variety are always more readily received these days – when was the last time a simple paper version brought you something exciting and unexpected?

Lastly, may I say how pleased I am by the service your organisation provides even though we are a bit miffed at you dropping the same day delivery. Keep up the good work.

Your friend in envelopes,



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