Take all your chances while you can…

Candy FLOSS aka “Small things I have done to try and improve the open source world this week”:

1. Jokosher 0.9 was tagged and branched this week at some point (unofficially) so I tagged and branched the Fedora Jokosher 0.9 package for f7-final. There is a good chance it will make the final release. There is a minute chance it will be added to the DVD.

2. Set up Planet WYLUG which currently aggregates four WYLUGers blogs. This created an interesting discussion on the wylug mailing list as to the pros and cons of having a planet on the website.

3. Filed a couple of bugs in the redhat bugzilla relating to anaconda’s inability to detect usb kickstart files on boot.

4. Got 88% on my latest RHEL exam.

5. Told the LUGRadio lads that they talk too much.

6. Setup my umpteenth Joomla site for a national snowboard competition in a couple of hours – Joomla rocks more than The Rock eating all the Blackpool Rock ever made sitting on the Rock of Gibraltar (not Ayres Rock – that’s called Uluru)

Its all about getting access to the code you see. Then not understanding it and complaining on BZ instead…

Wordpress 2.2
is out!


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