You got the money, I got the soul…

Having got one application packaged I’m setting my sights a little higher. Much higher in fact. I browsed the Fedora Wish List and spotted iFolder, a neat little app I heard about a few years ago. It allows people running different operating systems to share pretty much anything with each other.

Imagine Wilbert is running Windows in Wales, Lance is running Linux in Latvia and Mary is running Mac OS X in Moldova, they all fire up their iFolder clients and when Lance puts the document entitled “Its time to think about dumping those crappy OS’s” into the iFolder it appears so they can all read it. But wait, there’s more. Whilst reading it Wilbert decides to change every instance of the word “Linux” to “Manure”. Whilst doing so though his computer crashes. Luckily his changes have been copied across automatically and Lance and Mary can see what Wilbert was trying to do. They all have a good laugh when they realise what happened. Lance then impresses Mary with his collection of muktuk recipes and they agree to meet in Chişinău for coffee.

So hopefully my fellow Fedora users will be able to do something like the above in the not too distant future. I finish off with a picture of my daily commute which was today, particularly muddy. By the way, if you’re wondering what happened to Lance and Mary it didn’t work out. Distances are a real relationship-killer.

The ride home…


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