It’s not as if you didn’t try…

My bike’s rear mech is cream-crackered after only two weeks. A grub screw is missing and the cage is bent like a nine-bob note. I don’t even know how I did it. Metal Michael has another epic adventure in the planning so hopefully I’ll be able to sort it before then. I’ve recently discovered cyclists aren’t big fans of fat people or BMW drivers. The latter is easy as all beamer drivers move like they own the road but the former I am still figuring out. I don’t think my bike will ever get a name at this rate but it does have a Tigger bike bell.

I’m setting up an online shop at the moment and so am re-aquainting myself with the joys of CSS, PHP and annoying IE bugs. People, you may never appreciate just what the Mozilla foundation and Firefox has done for the Internet but believe me it is huge. Anyway, you may be interested to know my GIMP skills are getting updated as well…


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