Well that sure look good darlin’, drummin’ our thang to me

Here’s a good reason to go to the movies. Plumiferos is an film modelled entirely on open-source, using Blender as the animation tool. Previously, Blender has been used in Spiderman 2 and Elephants Dream which is freely downloadable (although if I’m being perfectly honest is not that great – more of a showcase for the software). Blender is a bit of a darling within the FOSS community as the the company that developed went bust and the code was purchased through contributions from the community, then released as open source. Whilst Plumiferos is an Argentinian flick, there will be subtitles and hopefully not being a Hollywood production it might escape the saccharine nonsense of some of that areas releases, although judging from the trailer that might be a request too far.

In other news, check out this video which has undone all the good feeling from when I went to Vienna and Prague.


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