There’s one thing I want you to know…

Wow, another month has gone. The coming of a new month has meant HUDLUG for a while now but the end of one takes on new meaning as another critical mass kicks off on the last friday. As the last ride involved me having my bike pinched, I was keen to make another go of it, this time aboard The Black Ninja, my replacement for Firestorm (may you serve your new master as faithfully as you did me).

Metal Michael
also came along and together with around 40 other two-wheeled Angels Of Speed we had races round roundabouts, photos in front of the Manchester bike sculpture, seen here and annoyed a few motorists, completely unintentionally of course. One of our party also got chased down a street by a policeman according to the post-ride debrief at The Sand bar. I don’t think all rides will go as smoothly as this one but it was nice to have a Friday spin round Manchester, see all the sites, not get bothered by The Law and chat about it in the pub afterwards. Here’s to more of the same and here is the gang, just before setting off…

The Gang


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