Let’s leave at sunrise, let’s live by the ocean…

Friday 3rd August will not be remembered as a good day. Hydraulic brakes are …. technical and loss of pressure on the rear was eventually traced to pistons that hadn’t been reset to their original positions, if you care. Saturday morning saw the dudes at Wheelspin cycles in Hudds provide me with a bleed kit for my month old bike plus new brake pads. I managed to sort the rear brake on the third attempt after DOT fluid had fountained over various areas of the workshop (read living room).

Putting the anger of a wasted morning to good use I set off for the Peak district and Edale. A recent copy of MBR had highlighted one route, easily accessible by train. This inevitably took me via Manchester Piccadilly, which I now proudly announce as The Worst Place for Bikes in the World. Mainly because it is inhabited by people looking to steal bikes.

Once you arrive at Edale however, the reward kicks in and the Killer Loop outlined on the map takes you on an awesome tour with some spectacular and interesting sites along the way. Edale train station even has the old type of raise and lower signals. Well worth it.



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