If you could see me here this way…

I like travelling by train except when they are shit. Really, really shit. Sorry but they are. Though never as bad as buses. Halifax train station is a dump – I would rather strip off and roll around in nettles than spend time in that dive, waiting for yet another train that is cancelled, delayed or if you are really lucky, on-time. Then you have to deal with doors that were built only for midget anorexics and conductors who must have been beaten severely by bicycles at birth due to their fear or irrational hatred of all things bike. I can’t wait to get Snot (my car) back as I have promised byself I’ll print out the entire contents of the current governments integrated transport policy, throw it on a patch of waste ground and spin doughnuts over it whilst drinking tequila and listening to Frank Zappa Volume level 11 whilst the exhaust goes pop, pop, splat.

And, breathe….

In what is becoming a weekly event, Metal Michael and I saddled up and went for a bruising tour across the peaks, this time taking on The Calderdale Classic. Despite spending twice the amount of time on the train than we did cycling, it was a success as technical issues were overcome and the Black Ninja didn’t miss a beat. Though MM did throw a hissy fit just prior to the photo below. That’s not a grin, that’s a grimace…



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