Walk on, little sister, walk on…

Ever since the advent of Spotlight in Mac OS X and Google Desktop Search (GDS) on Windows, which has saved many hours searching for things that I cannot remember where I put, there have been an increasing number of projects for Linux that have attempted with varying measures of success to implement the same thing. Beagle was the most prominent of these but increasing system requirements have caused the fedora project to drop it from the default Fedora 7 install (it was installed by default in FC6) with talk of whether a desktop search engine/indexer could ever properly be implemented in Mono. Tracker’s star now seems to be on the rise however Google recently released GDS for Linux, naturally in beta and naturally nowhere near as feature complete as its Windows counterpart.

I’m currently going through the process of rolling some rpms for iFolder. The compilation process creates masses of temporary files as well as a chunk of permanent ones in my build directory. Naturally GDS goes crazy and starts indexing the odd-thousand files created after this process. Naturally its taken me a month to realise this…


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