I can’t shake this feeling I’ve got…

Ride-to-work music today was the latest Editors album. It’s a pretty rare day with barely a cloud in the sky and warmed up nicely – my drinks bottle was empty by the time I rode in through the doors at work.

I have booked my flight to Sydney for Rob’s wedding. I have known Rob since age eight or something and am best man for his wedding. We have travelled across the outback together and are still somehow on talking terms. He once rode from one end of New Zealand to the other to raise money for charity which gives a measure of the man. Although I have to wear a pink shirt for the wedding which I’m a bit worried about. How does the best man score wearing pink?

This week I’ve been lazy and only ridden into work once – today. The rest of the time I’ve dossed about which I hate but is always the easy option. Although I did get high yesterday sniffing damp sealer in the downstairs loo.


Anyway, I’ve been watching films. Specifically:
The Bourne Ultimatum Latest Bourne films doesn’t disappoint. Matt Damon karate-chops people and the camera can’t keep up. Features London Waterloo with no McDonald’s trash floating about the place plus plenty of scenes of people performing computer cracks in less than ten seconds flat a la 24. 9/10 though.
Soylent Green Sci-fi film set in future. Planet has food shortage where everyone eats stuff called Soylent blue, yellow, green etc. Charlton Heston is annoying. 4/10.
Logan’s Run. Essential viewing for any nascent 30-year-old. People live in bliss until 30 when they get a chance to be re-born. Some get scared and get chased down by Runners and terminated, much like the replicants in Bladerunner. 8/10
Demon Seed. This came out in the year of my birth and is basically about a supercomputer that wants to become human but cant and solves the problem in an interesting way. 6/10


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