You had t’ pick th’ one tonite…

“30 years…. When you say it like that….”

Turning 30 yesterday means I am the new owner of a book of Churchill’s speeches, a book on 365 things that happened on each day in history (Cleopatra got too friendly with a deadly snake today in 30BC), a Red Letter Day, a carbon fibre bottle holder for my bike, a quicksilver shirt, a calendar…

I spent an hour or so chasing the latest jokosher build failure in Koji to find that scrollkeeper, the documentation library in Fedora has been replaced by rarian for reasons I am as yet unable to fathom. The rarian developers have kept/developed compatibility for scrollkeeper but badly. As in it doesn’t work. So I filed a bug and attached a patch which is now in the process of being committed upstream – I now have to try and get the rarian package in Rawhide rebuilt before Fedora 8 comes out.

Off mtb’ing this weekend after a frantic session organising youngest brother some car insurance as he has only had his license for two weeks. We are heading off to the Lake District in a battered Vauxhall Vectra.

Lastly, I will hopefully begin my day skipper’s theory course in the next week or so. Cue much pirate talk….


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