Everything I had to say I went and forgot yesterday…

My webhosts are 1and1. This will produce groans from anyone who has tried to contact their support department – possibly the worst of its kind, save perhaps for Pitney Bowes (more on that later perhaps). Logging in recently I noticed on the splash screen that they had developed an application for accessing their facilities from the Windows taskbar. Great! Except of course I don’t run Windows. So I thought I’d give it a go in Wine. Works perfectly, so well I thought I’d email them to let them know. I’m not expecting a reply from anything more intelligent than their autoresponder.

Wine is a bit of a divisive technology in the Linux community. There are good arguments for not trying to allow Windows applications to run on Linux (virii for example) however I never cease to be amazed when an application designed for another operating system runs perfectly on mine. Well done Wine devs!


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