We’re gonna get right down to the real nitty-gritty…

I finally lost my rag today and set up a secret wiki, inspired by the terminally bald Adrian Bradshaw, formally of LUGRadio. I’m forever forgetting nuggets of really useful information and in particular where they are located. This is an excellent idea – I like to think of it as my internet where it all makes sense and there are no ads (not that thats a huge problem anyway as I use the brilliant Adblock plus).


4 thoughts on “We’re gonna get right down to the real nitty-gritty…

  1. Wow – that blows my mind. I’ll have a good look into that Tom, thanks. I’m already familiar with the markup style for mediawiki which was my reason for choosing that, plus is installs on LAMP etc but really I just need something that is available quickly, in as many places as possible, is only editable by me and can store text and supports basic markup.

  2. Good man, you wont regret this. I refer to mine so often its just not real

    Of course you should open up your secret wiki, you know its the right thing to do :-p

  3. Hah! I recall you only opened yours up after a severe public bashing on the show! Once I have collated a decent source of information I shall indeed open it up. For the meantime though it really is a bit pathetic. Of course, any good guesses at the appropriate subdomain prefix will get you there – it isn’t all _that_ secret. 🙂

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