Come ride with me through the veils of history…

A few weeks back the main fedora kernel hacker commented that the number of bugs filed against the Fedora kernel since FC6 was getting out of hand.

“The current state of bugzilla for the kernel is pretty depressing. Counting in all the bugs we never fixed for FC5 (a lot of which are probably still valid for everything through to rawhide), there are around 1600 open bugs.”

So this evening I dove in and started working forwards from the oldest Fedora 7 kernel bug. After one evening the total has shrunk by 20 with at least three times that waiting for feedback – many have not been touched for months.

Bug triaging is surprisingly addictive and rewarding – I was expecting a few “Why did you change my bug status?!?!?!?!” replies but so far one chap has discovered the joys of audacious and another is involved in testing the newly released Fedora 8, Test 2 which came out today. Early days but promising ones nonetheless…


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