They came out from the deep…

This is really a “Vista – updated” post. So I’ll keep it brief – too many watts have been spent displaying pages of vista reviews, too much time wasted reading how its kinda, sorta okay which really it isn’t. Possibly the most frustrating thing about Microsoft Windows Vista is that it exists. That Redmond didn’t just ship a decent service pack for XP and keep going is a crying shame.

Vista has been out a year to all intents and purposes and despite spending two days with it there is no single compelling reason to get it. None whatsoever – running Vista feels like trying to waltz with a bull in the proverbial china shop. I add a shortcut in the programs menu – a folder inexplicable appears on the desktop. A folder that can’t be deleted.Computing just shouldn’t be that hard.

I had wanted to post a “Hey, its actually not all that bad” post. Its too easy to throw rocks after all. But I just don’t care anymore – I’m incredibly disappointed that Vista really is the best that Microsoft could do but kind of happy because the road is open now for the things I love to steal the march. Fedora 8 is out in about a month – it will be the world’s most advanced operating system available and it will be yours for free if you want it.

I’ll be in Australia though. 🙂


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