The Raised Ranch Revolution…

“Chris, think of the first things that come into your mind.”
“Well okay Doc, here goes. Headaches, sweat, insomnia, snot (the nose stuff – not my old car), blah, blah, yuck, yuck, yuck.”
“Sounds like you’ve been ill Chris!”
“Well done Einstein, now heal me dammit!”

Its getting to the point now where sitting down in front of a Windows box requires a step-change in my thought process. I’m at work, burning DVD’s in one drive and the latest rawhide cd in the other (at the same time) whilst listening to music streaming from my mythtv box at home, umpteen different tabs open in firefox, thunderbird checking for mail, xchat idling away in the background, ssh’d into aforementioned mythtv box with torrent running remotely and it all just works. Amen to that.


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