The dogs of war…

Abu Dhabi is quite a sight. A city rising out of the desert and then pushing out to see. Dumper trucks pushing more and more land into the sea and sand everywhere. The Emirate’s largest ever mosque is about to open its doors to those who prostrate themselves towards Mecca and if you’re wondering how they do this on a plane then the in-flight entertainment system always displays the direction. Which changed pretty quickly as we flew over Saudi Arabia. So you might have to do a prayer mat shuffle halfway through or something.

There’s no pork here so breakfast at the stopover hotel was chicken sausage and beef bacon – interesting stuff. Flight was great thanks to aforementioned entertainment system – 100-odd movies to choose from starting when you want plus games, music and belly and nose cameras if you want to check that Captain Ahmed hasn’t fallen asleep on the job.

Next stop Sydney. My flight has just been called and its time to start convincing my body its actually the evening. Look into my eyes, not around the eyes….


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