Pay me the money…1,2,3,4

Second leg of the journey complete, I’ve done a quick dash round the old haunts and now end up typing this latest post next door to Blinky’s Photographics, my old employer. This place used to trade in stolen goods from crack addicts so I suppose an internet cafe is a step up.

Sydney is pretty much as I left it except hotter and with more flies. Someone has painted my old Prospect Street flat (or at least the outside of it) and it would seem all the places I used to live have gone a little bit upmarket. My reputation, clearly.

The jetlag has not yet kicked in but the Abu Dhabi – Sydney leg was pretty horrific. I was sat between babies, one of whom had a mother who informed me that “She’s running a high fever so might complain a bit”. Attempts to relocate to a better seat were thwarted by a fat man who complained of a “bad leg” so had to have the back row to himself. The entertainment system then decided to crash on several occasions so am deciding whether my next line of work should be Ethiad Chief Entertainment Systems Engineer. Yeah, I like the sound of that. Suffice to say on reboot you get an “Insh Allah” (presumably because it thinks you’re starting the journey) and if you enter the audio player you get The Holy Quran full bore until after frantic screen tapping some Alisha Keys kicks in which provides some decompression before the real music is located.

Its 28 already and I have to start thinking about heading out to the airport to get my final flight to Coffs. I’ll be glad of it as the brief tour of Sydney has left me a little melancholy – I just pressed my face to the door of Blinky’s and caught a lungful of photochemicals, even after a couple of years closed. Andrew (my old boss) didn’t even take his old cameras he was so proud of. Made me all a bit sad so looking forward to seeing Karen and Rob and getting this holiday really kicked off.

Sydney five years on


3 thoughts on “Pay me the money…1,2,3,4

  1. A percipient and inciteful read into all things mechanical from a writer whose recent inimical dual wheeled escapades have touched the hearts of many; a truly inspiring read.

  2. @Editor, Huddersfield Gazette – Thank you. Please notify all publishing houses.

    @Michael – You ain’t kidding. I need to score some valium for the return flight or I’ll be in some real trouble.

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