Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Coffs Harbour has a harbour but I’ve yet to see it. Nice beaches though. Plenty of surfer dudes eschewing the hustle and bustle of Syndey and hitting the beach before heading in to work including the groom who was up at ridiculous-co’clock this morning to ride the waves with sister and wife-to-be. We have managed to get a bike ride in and had a breakfast of the best pancakes in recent memory (sorry Katie, yours are great but these were huge and served with blueberries).

The flight up to Coffs yesterday was delayed due to a dodgy toilet. It must have been bad as it forced us to switch planes. Folks have started arriving, Rob and Karen are in top form and its just great to be eating outside again. Rob and Karen’s house is a typical Aussie pad – just imagine the Kennedy’s house from Neighbours and you’re there. Thanks to Matty for his usual humorous comment and to CLifton for his usual abusive email – your comments will not be approved!


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