Ole blue eyes is back…

The fushing trup (thats NZ speak) went ahead. I caught a snapper and something that sounds like a Marlin but wasn’t. Dolphins swam in the bow wave as we cruised out to sea and everyone drank beer (except myself and Mason, Rob’s brother-in-law), slapped each other on the back and talked about old times and who was making obscene amounts of money now. Rob wore a particularly fetching dress. On the way back in I sat up front and spotted nautical stuff with Mason who has plenty of maritime experience.

I bowed out on the post-fish booze-up but was awoken to the sound of Rob crashing through the door at 1am shouting “Karen! I’ve done all sorts of stuff. I’ve had to blow a girl’s bra off!” At least I think thats what he said.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the groom and my old school buddy Paul ‘Pacdee’ McDonald.
Rob and Pacdee


2 thoughts on “Ole blue eyes is back…

  1. The fishing sounds well awesome but whats a snapper? proteus is well just wish he would stop eating my bloody lab techs techs!

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