Something got me started…

Yeah, I know. Coming up with a new song title each day means you soon descend into Simply Red territory.

I’m on the mend anyway – thanks to all the condolences and to Laura for pointing out I should have said I’d been bitten by a desert taipan or something. Except then I’d be dead. My body clock must be a cheap casio as I’ve still not adjusted fully – I was awake and reading my brother’s gripping 16th century murder mystery novel at 3am this morning and listening to all the wierd noises the forest outside makes. If you’ve ever bought one of those cheap relaxation tapes entitled “Mediative techniques of the Amazonian Indians – now using REAL AMAZON AUDIO BACKDROP” you can kind of imagine what I hear. Or you can play “Sing” by Travis and listen to the wierd audio signature that producer Ed Goodrich put at the end – sounds a lot like that. Fran Healy hated it apparently.

The fishing trip is looking touch and go due to the weather. Will know soon enough but might chuck Poseidon some Tooheys New to placate him.

Mark – Yes I got the shoes and other stuff. Cheers. I love the fact that the subdomain on your network is called “Blood”. How is Proteus XII coming along?


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