Here comes the bride…

The wedding day dawns and I’m stood in a newsagents looking at packets of cigarettes. I dont smoke but I’m fascinated as they’ve gone one step further than the brits and have pictures on. So if you reach for your packet of Peter Jacksons during the ‘smoke-em-if-ya-got-em’ break then you’re reminded of what your lungs look like at the same time as being told you should be dead by the time you’ve finished reading the government health warning.

Yesterday’s rehearsal at the rainforest retreat was good fun. The location is amazing and a complete contrast to the last wedding I attended at a castle in Devon. The speech is typed and tasteful. Again, I’ll put up the thing in full tomorrow. Maybe. Its overcast and we’re all hoping for it to stay that way as yesterday it bucketed down in the way it only can here. The retreat is a way out of Coffs and there is a ford to be crossed shortly before arrival. Everyone is travelling up in buses so hopefully we’ll all get across. God willing and the creek don’t rise.


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