The Eye of the Tiger…

Rob and Karen are now Mr & Mrs Brangwin and I smell of fish. The two are not related.

The ceremony went off pretty much without a hitch. A bridesmaid’s fiance broke their arm the morning of the big day but other than that it all went off on time and to plan. Karen looked fantastic, people were kind enough to laugh at my speech and most people got suitably trashed afterwards. Photos of the happy couple to follow shortly.

Since the big day things have become even more relaxed, though I didn’t think that was possible. Yesterday the remaining people headed out into the Tasman Sea to do a bit of whale-watching, specifically humpback whales on their southern migration. One whale was sighted being very energetic but disappeared as we approached. On out return we were joined by some common dolphins, very highly strung animals that die in captivity. Afterwards Rob and I rode some sweet singletrack in the rainforest. I rode a purish 23″ Giant which sealed my mind on frame size when it comes to my next bike purchase – 23″ rocks.

Today is Melbourne Cup day with The Race That Stops The Nation. Prior to this however we have been to Coffs Harbour Pet Porpoise Pool – see below. I was jumped on by a lovely New Zealand Fur Seal called Lucy, saved from fishing nets and blind in one eye from a fishing hook. Anyway, I’m off to have a flutter on some fine phillies but will blast off shortly afterwards as today I return to dear old Sydney.

Lucy and me at the Pet Porpoise Pool


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