You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea…

There is a chocolate shop just round the corner from where Flic lives and the madam that runs it is truly the purveyor of doucets and sweetmeats. Espresso coffee and orange peel chocolates at Bondi – not half bad.

A couple of decades ago someone decided to create a replica of James Cook’s Endeavour – the replica seems faithful enough though I doubt he had to put up with his crew’s nokia ringtone breaking the briny silence at random intervals. I toured round and came out with a new appreciation for 150 years of evolution in marine lavatories. I then walked across the city to Circular Quay, remembered I’d forgotten by bag at the Endeavour and walked back again. Then caught the train back to Circular Quay.

When I lived here I commuted across the harbour bridge and considered it possibly the best commute of any white collar worker in the world. I was wrong. The ferry to Manly is used perhaps more by commuters than tourists and wins hands down over a quick rattle across “The Old Coat Hanger”. There is even a brief nod to the Tasman Sea as you pass the entrance to Port Jackson and feel but a brief hint of the full force of the South Pacific.

The Sculpture by the Sea festival is on display – over 100 works of art positioned all over the Bondi – Tamarama ocean walk. My favourite is probably the huge plaster slapped on a patch of grass overlooking Bondi called She’ll Be Right – “Man’s attempt to use band-aid solutions to the growing environmental crisis”. Speaking of which Australia is still miles ahead of the U.K. in recycling – shame on you Britain.

A few old friends over this evening and then tomorrow is the last morning in Sydney before I’m pidgeon-holed into a big aluminium tube for the trip home.


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