I only say it cos its fair…

I bade farewell to Sydney with Flic down at Mrs Macquaries Chair, washed my hands on the Pacific and then headed for the airport. I arrived through customs to find a flight attendant doing a good headless-chicken impersonation shouting “Last Call for Etihad to Abu Dhabi” which can usually be translated as “Its leaving in a bit.” True to form we sat around for 20 minutes before pushing back from the gate at Kingsford-Smith.

14 hours later and Abu Dhabi once again emerged out of the inky blackness – its just gone midnight here and as I went to buy a coffee in $AUD at the airport’s costa coffee the till crashed, much to my amusement. I stopped smiling when I calculated how much the coffee had cost after the exchange rate calcs.

Finally saw Transformers on the plane and it wins the prestigious Golden Dungheap award for 2007 for being by far and away the worst film so far. Shocking acting, atrocious plot, product placement advertising so overt it was almost a 2 hour commercial. I have lost total respect for Optimus Prime – he’s a sellout. I feel like I’ve been decepti-conned! The Simpsons movie on the other hand was excellent, though I think some of the voice actors may be past it.

Anyway, according to my body clock its something like 50:96pm on the 80th day of April 2012 so I’m going to see if I can perform some ablutions in some good old desalinated water to try and correct matters. Crazy people even drink carrot juice…


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