What language am I really using?

So for reasons various I was looking at the latest smolt stats and saw that only a tiny percentage of folks were using the GB language pack with Fedora. Which is when I noticed I was still on en_US as well. Here’s the funky bit – I go to change language and it offers to download and install the en_GB language pack all by itself, which it does. All it needs is an X restart. Not sure if this is a new F8 feature but nicely done all the same!


2 thoughts on “What language am I really using?

  1. Funny you should be mentioning this – my calculator, humble it may be but I had noticed some time ago it was displaying digits in a rather wierd (really really wierd if I was to be honest but I dont want to seem to be over enphasizing the fact) fashion. When I typed a ‘3’ it displayed it like this ‘3’. Wierd.
    After I had googled it for a couple of days I realised something rather interesting – I was a complete tool!
    Now a days I eat more vegatables and stay of the caffiene based soft drinks. I’m glad its all over. If this doesnt get posted I will re submit it forever!

  2. So when you call me at midnight, drunk and complaining that I haven’t posted in ages on my blog and then write this drivel, can you understand why? You need to understand that in the tiny mountain kingdom of Bhutan, where Microsoft will never _ever_ translate their OS into the native language, Dzongkha, they have taken it upon themselves to make their own localisation.


    It will never be commercially viable for MS to translate it (ethics doesn’t come into it of course) so it just doesn’t happen. Likewise for my beloved Tanzania,


    a fully translated version of OpenOffice. So nuts to you and your calculator.

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