Building kernels requires patience…

For the past few months and now in the run-up to the re-launch of Fedora Triage Project, I have been going back through Fedora 7 kernel bugs and closing out those which are obviously dead. As in, the report was made and for a variety of reasons, never got resolved. Its frustrating as I know how much time and effort goes into filing a report and this goodwill goes in vain.

Nevertheless, although I should be applying myself to the task of finding gainful employment, I find myself awake at 2am, running a scratch build in Koji in the hope that this bug can be closed. At the same time, my laptop is building a kernel with backported Qlogic SCSI drivers to try and resolve this bug and my main desktop machine is chuntering away to produce a kernel with the patch from this bug that might help resolve that particular issue.

Its all good fun, though the inexorable increase of bugs has led to exasperation on the fedora-devel-list and a bit of soul-searching as how to best tackle the problem of so many bugs and so many bug reporters feeling a little, well, un-loved…


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