All the bits are falling into place…

Its always interesting to hear about things bubbling to the surface in the software world. Sun Microsystems yesterday bought MySQL which everyone to a name missed. Oracle bought BEA at about the same time.

On the slightly smaller side of things, createrepo, a utility to create a local repository which other machines can then access for updates is coming to fruition. The theory is that only the machine holding the updates needs to download them from the internet, the rest get them across the intranet. This lowers bandwidth costs for everyone concerned – all good news.

Its also good, on a separate note, that a company like Red Hat doesn’t get hot under the collar about an organisation like CentOS. The latter takes the former’s source and create’s their own distribution. This allows people to use what is essentially an almost identical clone of an enterprise operating system and use it without the subscriptions costs – they do have to support it themselves of course but this has always been a given in using open source software.


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