Super tuesday speeches

As the Republicans always manage to appear a bunch of war-mongering rednecks bent on either the destruction of a large part of Earth or total world domination, I ignore them completely now and watched Clinton and Obama’s speeches following Super Tuesday. For the blogosphere, here are my views:

Clinton is a better speaker than Obama and looks more presidential but reads from cards. Obama is off the cuff, or appears to be.

Clinton does a lot of this “shut-the-hell-up” hand movement to her supporters which I find a bit annoying/patronising but it could be a North American subtlety I’m missing. Obama also does it but appears better.

The speeches covered similar topics. Both make references to the recent tornadoes but Obama does a better job of it – Clinton only seems to cover it for the sake of it. Obama making plenty of references to the fact the he has not been funded by lobbyists – this is what wins it for me.

Outcome: I’d love to see Obama win but won’t be too unhappy with Clinton. If McCain wins I’ll shoot myself.


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