Of Hawleys and Haciendas, Wikis and Wondrous things…

Richard Hawley provided entertainment on Friday night. Think Morrissey blended with Edwyn Collins – great voice and if he hadn’t gone into music he would’ve been a good stand-up comedian.

The Hacienda was a nightclub in Manchester and is spoken about in oft-reverent terms by those who attended it and even by those who never did. The girl and I visited an exhibition detailing the club and its history at the impressive Urbis on Saturday. Its difficult to see what all the fuss was about though the interior was pretty radical and it attracted a number of famous faces, seemingly on numerous occasions.

Back in the land of geekdom and not one but two Fedora wiki upgrades have taken place. The current wiki has been upgraded to Moin 1.6 and at the same time has been converted to Mediawiki. This is great news – I was whinging about the speed of the wiki yet again on IRC last week as it took about one minute for a small page edit to update. I can’t emphasise this enough – moin sucks harder than a whole cluster of black holes.

Lastly an email from my brother entitled “Look what [I] just installed”:

…Ubuntu Linux…
I have found the way out of The Matrix.
Will let you know how I get on.

It brought a tear to my eye…


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