Are Foreigner really a rock band?

I’ve got this album of 500 songs called The Rolling Stone Magazine 500 greatest songs of all time. Radio Chruz is currently playing Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is”. Its not really very rocky at all. More like a smooth pebble, rolling across the ocean floor.

I’ve spent the evening sorting out issues with Jokosher and the FLAIM database engine, two pieces of software I package in Fedora. The former wasn’t building due to new python egg policies which require the building of each egg from source rather than distributed as a binary. Thankfully the Jokosher developers use setuptools so the process was pretty simple and the script takes care of all of that.

FLAIM required a couple of patches, one of which I’ve punted upstream to get it building in x86_64. Keeping patch count down makes things much easier, packaging-wise.

Both packages track subversion checkouts rather than stable releases for various reasons. FLAIM is waiting for the day when ifolder finally arrives in Fedora.

Now listening to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys. Its 1am and I’m still not really rocking very much…


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