Poke code wi’ stick…

Spent most of the day prodding around in various languages, mainly c++ and python and submitting various trivial patches. I’m getting more comfortable with light tinkering and patch-submission, though the level of feedback varies from project to project. I’ve get to receive any “Argh, that makes my eyes bleed!” responses though. 🙂

Easter egg count ran to 3 in the end so am content to have had a glutton-free season. There’s snow on the ground outside and due to lack of youngest brother for work transport and lack of car insurance I am once again taking to the cold steel rails of doom to get me to Sheffield tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Poke code wi’ stick…

  1. Chris, heres a question: I am building a new system with the purpose of video editing/rendering. I would like to install Linux (Fedora Core I think) and I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2 for my editing/rendering of video.

    Will Premiere Pro 2 run readily on Linux?

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