The fallout from the 1st…

Okay, time to name and shame the people who fell for the previous post/email.

Th(Rob)erto (on left)
Older and Better Brown
G.G.B. (second left)
Travel Brown
The Girl (ten minutes of crying followed by ten days of vengeance)

Top prize goes to Mr Clifton Firth (on right, obviously) who thought I was leaving mid-day!

UPDATE: Okay as Rob has pointed out then, I add myself to the above list.


2 thoughts on “The fallout from the 1st…

  1. Dude, I didnt quit my job. Infact on April 1st I was waiting for your annual email. I stopped short of telling you that your decision had inspired me to get a divorce as well (that may of backfired). So the April fooler has been fooled !
    Although if you believeing my April fool regarding your April fool was in fact also an April fool then you are the fooler and I the fool.

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