Tired of humanity…

Sometimes people conspire to make you feel like you live in a nation of Very Bad People.

Incident One – A few days ago the house was broken into. I was away visiting older brother and so the house must have looked deserted. Said intruder got a surprise when younger brother greeted him when he walked into his room at around 11pm. He left taking with him one of my old mobile phones and leaving us with a hefty bill to replace the windows frame he had used as his entrance.

Incident Two – I was involved in a minor collision (my fault entirely) a week or so ago. I have received a letter claiming personal injury and GBP £1k plus in damages. Err, no.

Incident Three – Two snotty emails at work, one sent late Friday, just in time for the weekend. Thanks!

Not great. Still, here’s the bright side.

WordPress 2.5 (on which this blog is written) is awesome. Upgrade was a cinch too.
Metal Michael continues his awesome adventures and I continue my persual of travel sites.
Tomorrow is another day.


2 thoughts on “Tired of humanity…

  1. yeah well.. sorry about those snotty emails – I just got a bit bored and .. you know how things are.. at least its all out in the open now though ay

  2. trust me i loose faith in humanity every single day over stuff they make seem so complicated while its really simple. Mostly i think the world have become a bit, just a bit to soft. Which dosnt mean less wars but rather more wars. And theres alot more annoying stuff but i think you dont want to hear about it so ill shut up from now.

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